Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I don't

I don't possess any of the witty, humorous ability of many of the worlds blogs.

I do have new gear though!

I managed to part with the pennies and get myself a used Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM.

This baby's my new pride and joy - not surprising as the rest of my kit is fairly basic thus far and is my dipping toe in the watery ocean of lenses. Sweet baby Jesu, there are a ton of them! I managed to snag this bad boy - finally - from eBay, for the sum total of £330. Not a bargain and a bit of a risk but most lenses on eBay fetch close to their original RRP if in good nick!

This really was a bargain though as it was absolutely MINT condition, supplied with box and even the original instructions & internal packaging. I'd couldn't tell the lens had ever been used! It also came with a lens hood and an appropriate UV filter to boot - I checked the manufacturers of each out - together they were worth another £30 or so.

Two more of these fella's arrived on the doorstep the other morning straight from MBP Photography - used but in immaculate condition. Needed these quite badly to give longer shooting time and also to power my new cheapy battery grip.

Whilst being pretty cheapy, it's actually fairly good quality. It feels solid screwed into the base of my 450D with no wobble. The buttons are tactile and feel nice when pressed, the only part I don't really like is the shutter speed wheel. For such a cheap price and otherwise good quality, I can totally live with it though!

The final addition to my kit in more recent climbs as been a 58mm Hoya Circular Polarising Filter. Been really pleased with its quality and the results gained when using it in relevant conditions.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Walking the dog

Was walking the dog and caught this, not the prettiest thing in the world, I just liked the skyline changes so dramatically, yet down on the ground nothing really changes, cows chomping away happily!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Recently went back to the Isles of Scilly, to visit my girlfriend - this time armed with my camera and the intent to use it!

No real theme to these, other than pretty things, or things I enjoyed!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Some Fun Stuff

I just like these, I think I may have gone o.t.t with contrast and colour fill, but nevermind, maybe I'll go back and reprocess the RAW images later. For now, I'm content with them. Personally I really like my photographs to be full of colour - almost bursting - or faded and washed out. I really can't stand the in between area of slightly dull, or slightly colourful. 

The blue might be too much for some, and some may not like the lens flare, but I do. I like the contrast between the upper half of the photo and the lower half. The lens flare seems to reflect quite nicely how bright the sun actually was. 

I really wish I had a wide angle lens :(. Due to where those trees are situated in conjunction with other foliage and structures I couldn't really move all that much from where I was. It's a shame because I'd have loved to have had the two trees detached, with only the foliage and structures underneath their canopy's visible. Hey-ho, you win some you loose some!

The Obligatory 'Test'

I thought I should pay heed to the masses, and like them post a test post as my first post of the blog. 

There, I did it; yes I went there.

With that aside, I can begin posting my pictures and pretending someone is watching and reading. I find it interesting how I'm already falling into the cynicism and negative style adopted by most bloggers. We'll have to work on that! This should be a happy happy place of musings and wonderment. 

I hope to be the cause of your effect and the root of your current or imminent procrastination. I hope it achieves nothing of merit, however I do hope you have an excellent time in its midst.